Import of Steel products to Turkish market (rounds, strips, plates, slabs and forgings)


Since early beginning we represent “von Schaewen AG” and “Kimetal S.r.l.” in Turkish market by providing different kinds of Steel products to our customers.

A)  von Schaewen AG / Essen-GERMANY

i) Business Activities

1.   Trading

      Plates and slabs from =20 up to =700 mm (average inventory on hand approx. 30.000 tons)

    engineering bars in rolled and forged carbon and alloy steel. From Ø170 up to Ø1.300 mm

    S355J2G3 from Ø 200 - 1.250 mm

    C45 from Ø 200 - 1.300 mm

    25CrMo4 from Ø 170 - 450 mm

    42CrMo4 from Ø 170 - 1.250 mm

    34CrNiMo6 from Ø 170 - 500 mm

    30CrNiMo8 from Ø 200 - 500 mm

    18CrNiMo7-6 from Ø 170 - 1.050 mm

    56NiCrMoV7 from Ø 200 - 430 mm

    36 off horizontal band saws max. Ø1.500 x 2.000 mm or 1.500 mm

2.   Forging

    3 CNC-controlled open-die forging press (7, 20 and 30 MN)

    max. single piece weight 33 to (raw condition)

    max. applicable length 13.000 mm

    registered steel grade HYT 60 for valve and hydraulic engineering applications

    Steel grades: boiler steel, carburizing steel, cold working steel, duplex steel, heat treatable steel, hot-working steel, injection moulding tool steel, nitriding steel, special structural steel HYT 60, spring steel, stainless steel, structural steel

    approved by all major classification societies as ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LRS, RINA amongst others

    qualified acc. TÜV-rule 97/23/EG (AD 2000-Merkblatt W0)

3.   Flame Cutting

    14 flame cutting machines (7.800 x 20.000 mm) each with up to 6 burners

    2 robo-cut machines (3.000 x 6.000 mm) 

    max. cutting depth (2D) 1.400 mm

    max. cutting depth (3D) including chamfer up to 600 mm 

    max. single piece weight 65 to

    1 MN straightening press

4.   Machining

    4 machining centres (x 3.650, y 2.250, z 1.600 mm)

    4 travel stand milling machines (x 16.000, y 4.000, z 1.600 mm)

    2 fixed bed-type milling machines (x 6.200, y 1.670, z 1.050 mm)

    1 gantry type portal milling machine (x 7.000, y 3.400 [clearance 2.550], z 1.000 [clearance 1.500] mm)

    7 portal milling machines (x 12.000, y 4.200, z 3.000 mm)

    4 vertical turret lathes (x 2.920, y 2.500, z 1.000 mm)

    7 centre lathes (centre height � 1.020, max. � 1.560, max. length 14.000 mm)

    2 table drills (x 3.000, y 2.500, z 1.000 mm)

5.   Welding

      Solid wire and filler wire welding (MAG M), single-wire and double-wire submerged arc welding (UP) or manual electric arc welding (E) 

    max. single piece weight 60 to

    broad range of steel grades, general construction steels, fine-grain qualities or a combination of different grades (e.g. tempering steel and general steel welded together)

    qualified acc. to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (EN 729-2)

    qualified acc. to DIN 18800-7:2002, class E.

ii) Additional Services in house

1.   Heat Treatment

      Stress relieving, normal and soft annealing, strain hardening and ferritic-pearlitic annealing up to 13.000 mm and 30 to single piece weight

    quenching and tempering up to 12.600 mm and 30 to single piece weight

    heat treatment parameters acc. to customer demand

    4 annealing furnaces (10.100 x 3.500 x 1.800 mm)

    4 annealing/tempering furnaces (7.800 x 2.500 x 1.500 mm)

    3 tempering furnaces (13.000 x 2.500 x 1.500 mm)

    2 quenching pools (12.600 x 2.200 mm, volume 135.000 l and 9.000 x 2.200 mm, volume 100.000 l)

2.   Certification

      All business units are certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 

    3.1 acc. to DIN EN 10204 test certificate by von Schaewen of German origin for all products (forgings, bars and flame cutted pieces) manufactured by von Schaewen upon request

    third party approved NDT- and DT-testing-facilities inhouse

    Testing procedures inhouse:

    Brinell hardness test (DIN EN ISO 6506)

    Rockwell hardness test, procedure C (HRC) (DIN EN ISO 6508)

    Charpy impact test (RT down to -76�C) (DIN EN ISO 148)

    tensile test at RT (DIN EN ISO 6892)

    Leeb Hardness test (EQUOTIP) (ASTM A956-96)

    Jominy test (DIN EN ISO 642)

    cleanliness test using standard pictures (DIN EN 10247)

    micrographic determination of the apparent grain size (DIN EN ISO 643)

    dye penetrant inspection (all ISO-standards, as well as SEP 1936)

    magnetic particle inspection (all ISO-standards)

    ultrasonic inspection (all ISO-standards, as well as SEP 1921 and 1923)

    Additional tests upon request

B)   Kimetal S.r.l. (Gruppo Ferrero) / Torino-ITALY

Delivery program

Together with our partners, we have a big range of delivery possibilities within our group by supplying the followings;

01.  Hot and cold rolled Plates, Slabs and Coils,
02.  All kind of welded hollow sections (carbon),
03.  All kind of welded pipes (both carbon and stainless steel),
04.  Chromium plated bars and tubes,
05.  Hot rolled bars and wire-rods,
06.  Rails,
07.  Merchant bars, profiles and other longitudinal products,
08.  All kind of fittings materials incl. flanges (both carbon and stainless steel),
09.  Reinforcing bars, re-bars in coil,
10.  Connecting elements,
11.  Ropes and pre-stressed wire,
12.  Annealed wire, wire mesh etc., 
13.  Structural bearings, expansion joints, elastomer housings, anti-seismic devices, fittings for tunnels, noise barriers,
14.  Bridge barriers, pedestrian parapets,
15.  Mesh panels, corrugation,
16.  Pressure vessels, filters, water depuration filters, heat exchangers,
17.  Waterproofing membranes, thermal-acoustic insulation, waterproofing paint and sealants, 
Briefly, we can supply everything that you need from Italy...